Kilian’s Hardware remains open for business at regular hours. Hardware stores are among those businesses considered essential.

by Pete Mazzaccaro

While many businesses are observing guidance from both the city and the state to remain closed to stem the spread of coronavirus infection for at least two weeks, other businesses considered to be “essential,” and others, are keeping regular or reduced hours.

One of the businesses that is considered essential is Kilian’s Hardware. The Family-owned and operated store has been keeping regular hours and was receiving a new delivery, early Wednesday morning.

Evergreen Cheese owner John Ingersoll also told the Local that he, too, would be keeping limited hours. He said he’s observing guidance from the state about keeping food stored. He said customers can call to check on hours.

For more up-to-date information on store hours, see the Chestnut Hill Business District’s information page.

Evergreen Cheese: 184 E Evergreen Ave. Phone: 215 248 1957

Kilian’s Hardware: 8450 Germantown Ave. Phone: 215 247 0945

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