The Starbucks in Chestnut Hill Tuesday morning was open for business. Seats were piled up in the front of the shop to make it clear seating was not an option. (Photo by Pete Mazzaccaro

Tuesday morning, while most businesses were ordered closed by Mayor Jim Kenney, Chestnut Hill’s coffee shops and bakeries were open for take out service.

The Chestnut Hill Starbucks had piled up its seating to make clear eating or drinking in was not an option.

The bakeries and coffee shops are among the only places open after Kenney’s order, which followed the lead of Gov. Tom Wolf who ordered the same for businesses in Montgomery and other counties in the Philadelphia region. Kilian’s Hardware, Weavers Way Co-Op and Fresh Grocer were also open.

The following coffee shops and bakeries were observed to be open:

Chestnut Hill Coffee Co. — 8620 Germantown Ave.

Starbucks — 8515 Germantown Ave.

Bredenbeck’s Bakery — 8126 Germantown Ave.

Baker Street Bread Co. — 8009 Germantown Ave.

The Night Kitchen — 7725 Germantown Ave.