Feb. 29. Germantown and W. Gravers Lane. Complainant states he got off of the Route 23 bus at Germantown and Gravers Lane. Offenders also got off there and walked past him and then doubled back toward him. Offender #1 stated, “Give me your phone.” Complainant gave him the phone and males fled southbound on Germantown Ave. Taken was an iPhone with a black case. First male, black, 5’9” tall, dark complexion, wearing a black jacket. Second male, medium brown complexion, heavy-set, wearing red flannel.

Reported at 3:35 p.m.

Feb. 29. Unit block W. Chestnut Hill Avenue. Between 9 and 10:30 a.m., complainant got a phone call from the alarm company saying that her burglar alarm had gone off. Upon arrival home she was met by  police and did a walk through with police. Complainant states that rear door appeared open. Two black males were in area. First male was wearing a brown leather jacket and second male was wearing a gray sweat suit.

March 1. 200 block E. Gravers Lane. Complainant states that an unknown person removed listed items that were delivered by United Parcel Service and were left on porch. Taken was a printer toner and three Rawling basketballs.

March 1. Lincoln Drive and Willow Grove Avenue. Complainant states that he was walking when he was approached by two black males who asked him for directions. One male got in front of him and demanded his iPhone. Complainant complied and ran the other way to Chestnut Hill Academy. First male, 16 to 20 years old, wearing a gray hoodie. Second male, 16 to 20 years old, wearing all black clothing.

Summary — Four crimes for week: two robberies, one burglary and one theft.

Town Watch.

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