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Nonprofit formed to support Houston School

by Sue Ann Rybak Mt. Airy is often referred to as Philadelphia’s village in the city. It is well-known for being a racially and economically integrated community, and it was even featured in Oprah Winfrey’s magazine “O” for its “racial diversity and neighborhood appeal.” It was that diversity that made Karin Annerhed-Harris, of Uppsala, Sweden, […]

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Tigers end campaign with loss

by Jonathan Vander Lugt Germantown Friends’ Mike Buckmire knew that last Tuesday afternoon’s game against the Episcopal Academy had the chance to be the last time he donned a Tiger uniform. He might have, in the back of his head, known that it was likely. The Churchmen were recently crowned co-Inter-Ac champs, and the Tigers—though […]

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NFA wins grant for sustainability

by Mary Ann Boyer, Boyer Sudduth Environmental Consultants, LLC Norwood-Fontbonne Academy received a grant from the Philadelphia Area Independent Schools Business Officers Association to address environmental sustainability and foster collaboration between the school and neighboring institutions. NFA teamed up with its Parents Association, Chestnut Hill College, Morris Arboretum, and Boyer Sudduth Environmental Consultants to create […]

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A Mt. Airy publisher movie-bound with black superheroes

by Len Lear Maurice Robert Mander, 47, a native of Trenton, NJ, who has lived in Mt. Airy for the past 17 years, is the publisher of “Surian Seed,” the first action comic whose heroes were all educated at historically black colleges and universities. (Sur is a fictional planet, and some characters in the book […]

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Coping with post-election stress disorder: act locally

The Local receives a regular stream of op-ed submissions every week. In the past these submissions have covered a multitude of topics – from finding the right school for a child to disparities in property and wage taxes in the city vs. the suburbs. Over the last year, however, although I have not kept specific […]

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Famed klezmer music composer returns to Mt. Airy roots

by Len Lear When Hankus Netsky, now 61, was growing up in Mt. Airy (first at 6933 Ardleigh St. and after age 12 at 625 Burnham Rd., near Hortter Street), no one could possibly have predicted that he would eventually become a nationally renowned multi-instrumentalist, composer and ethnomusicologist who has collaborated musically with such giants […]

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