Letters February 3, 2011

Posted 2/2/11

We need better snow removal

(Editor’s note: The following is reprinted per the request of the author)

Dear Councilwoman Miller:

I write to express my deep concern with the lack of snow …

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Letters February 3, 2011


We need better snow removal

(Editor’s note: The following is reprinted per the request of the author)

Dear Councilwoman Miller:

I write to express my deep concern with the lack of snow removal in West Mt. Airy. It has been five days since the storm ended, yet large portions of Mt. Airy remain dangerous and impassable.

Major roads through our neighborhood remain unplowed and untreated with salt. Hortter Street between Wissahickon Avenue and Germantown Avenue is a solid sheet of ice.

Yesterday, four days after the storm, I witnessed three cars slide down this hill at Hortter into the Wayne Avenue intersection. This morning I watched in fear as my children’s school bus slid through the intersection of Pelham Road and Phil-Ellena. I question how elementary school children at Henry and Houston can arrive safely.

Why was Mt. Airy so seriously neglected in the recent storm? I understand why snow equipment is deployed to Center City as the first priority so that city commerce may resume in a timely manner. However, after the first 24 hours, or even first 48 hours, surely equipment could have been sent to Mt. Airy.

Irregular deployment of snow removal equipment raises concern. Why are certain areas immediately cleared, when other major thoroughfares are abandoned?

For example, Westview Street between Germantown Avenue and Quincy Street is a small road, certainly secondary or tertiary in nature. Yet with every storm this two block stretch is immediately plowed. Why and how do the plows go there yet fail to clear the surrounding streets? It is these types of irregularities that cause us to question the city’s fair deployment of snow removal equipment.

With another ice storm predicted for this week, I urge you to work with the Streets Department to insure that West Mt. Airy receive its fair share of vital city service.

Lizabeth B. Macoretta

Executive Director, West Mt. Airy Neighbors

‘Enemies of Reading’ her favorite thing

I read Hugh Gilmore’s “Enemies of Reading” column every week; it’s my favorite part of the Chestnut Hill Local. I have been reading with interest his columns about Europa editions. If you flip to the back of most – if not all – Europa editions, there is a list of others in the back. Thus, you could find one Europa edition in a bookstore (even one you’ve already read) and then use it as a reference guide to find more. Also, the Europa Editions website is useful in looking for new titles. http://www.europaeditions.com/

Thirdly, if you are on Facebook, you can go to Europa Editions there and click “like,” which brings their updates to your own Facebook page. Almost every day there is at least one posting about some new and upcoming title or something in the news or reviews about a Europa edition. Unfortunately, there’s not a printable list that I’ve found on their website or on Facebook, but one could jot down authors and titles and take them with you.

Another website of use for Europe, though not Europa books: http://eu- ropeana.eu/portal/reading_europe.html. I also read Hugh’s Kindle columns with interest. Thanks so much for his column!

Marion Fraley


Appreciation for article on torture

Thank you for the attention and placement of the article last week in the Chestnut Hill Local (“Tony Award-winning Hill actress aids victims of U.S., torture”). Many people have commented on it, especially on how well it’s written.

Thank you again for your attention to the topic and publishing the thoughtful article. It feels wonderful to be acknowledged by my hometown of Chestnut Hill. With much appreciation and thanks for your contribution over the years!

Jennifer Schelter

Chestnut Hill



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