Bryan Beal


Bryan Beal, namesake of his grandfather Major General Bryan L. Milburn, died
January 7th at 7:15 in the morning of glioblastoma.  Bryan died in the second month of his 68th year. 

Bryan graced this world with many splendid gifts.  He was known for his remarkable intelligence, kindness, compassion, and humor.  Bryan chose to live a life of service.  He trained as an occupational therapist. There were many interesting jobs but I will list the four that I think most interesting.

From 1984 to 1994, he was personal assistant to Jim Knaub, a wheelchair athlete who was 5 times winner of the Boston Marathon and World record holder in various distance races.

In 1994, Bryan was personal assistant to Wayne Rainey, World champion Motorcycle racer rendered paraplegic in Spain. Bryan performed therapy and assisted with his daily affairs.

In 2001, Bryan was head of Clinical Support Center of Interactive Metronome in Weston, Florida.  He trained Clinical Support Staff and developed the 12 sessions format that has become the basis of Interactive Metronome Sports and Academic performance. He administered highest quality of Interactive Metronome training and was ranked among the top 6 in the country.

From 2015 to 2021, Bryan worked at Wyncote Academy giving assistance to students with special needs.

In his personal life he was a competitive cyclist and a cyclist coach, and enjoyed sailing, boatbuilding, and woodworking.

He is survived by his wife Audrey Tannebaum, his mother Ann M. Beal, a brother Albert Reynolds Beal III, sisters Nell van Deth Beal West and Helene (Ellie) Reynolds Beal and an adopted Chinese son Michael Luk and wife Angela and two grandchildren, Steffi and Oliver Luk. Bryan’s father, Albert Reynolds Beal II died 10 years ago.