Save room for dessert wines this holiday season

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Sam Gugino Because most people are watching their weight or their alcohol consumption, dessert wines are a tough sell in liquor-licensed restaurants. And who brings dessert wine to a BYO restaurant? However, the holidays are a time to indulge. So, why not have a desserts and dessert wines party at home as I did? First, […]

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East Passyunk’s Noord is a Dutch treat

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By Sam Gugino Joncarl Lachman, tentatively greets my wife and me as we enter (“Sam, party of two?”) at the designated time for our reservation on a Saturday evening. “I love it when I get it right,” exclaimed the chef and co-owner of Noord, the corner storefront restaurant at 11th and Tasker Streets, in the […]

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Wine and Dine: Melograno is well worth the wait

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by Sam Gugino For years I avoided restaurants that didn’t take reservations. Waiting up to an hour for a table, or having a few unwanted cocktails at a nearby bar until the hostess texts you, is not my idea of how to begin a dining experience. Though Melograno didn’t take reservations when it opened at […]

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Wine & Dine: It ain’t Heaven, but it’ll do

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by Sam Gugino The term “bistro” is said to have come to France during the Russian occupation of Paris in 1814 when Russian soldiers desiring quick service would shout “bystro.” And while The Oxford Companion to Food suggests that the term is “elastic,” I doubt that its authors meant stretching all the way to India. […]

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Wine & Dine: Arugula offers great takes on Italian classics

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by Sam Gugino A hallmark of authentic Italian cooking is simplicity, allowing high quality ingredients (such as prosciutto de Parma and Parmigiano Reggiano) to show their greatness without embellishments like cream sauces and melted cheese. At Arugula in Plymouth Meeting, which features the cuisine of the Amalfi Coast, the food can be quite good, but […]

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A wine lover’s guide to Pa. State Stores, Part II

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by Sam Gugino OK, you’ve spent a few hours scouring the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) website, You’ve found the codes of the wines you’re looking for, how much the wines cost, and what PLCB stores (aka, State Stores) carry them. Now you’re ready to pick up your wine. Not so fast. You’re only […]

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