New stage company deserves coverage

I just saw the article in the Feb. 6 Local on the Sine Timore Theatre Company (on Facebook actually). Very deserving of your coverage. Founder Megan McCormick is a former student of mine. I taught her for many years before she went off to college, and now I teach her little sister. Actually, my husband and I are in Florida until the end of March, performing down here, so there’s a pause in my teaching. Anyway, just wanted to tell you I thought it was a great article.

Katie Eagleson

True costs of the deer cull

For 22 years now, deer have been targeted for extermination in our city’s park system. This so-called deer cull is a public project supported in part by public funds.  In following the money, one would be shocked to learn how expensive “deer control” is in our city.

Last winter alone, a total of 308 deer were killed park-wide by United States Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services at a cost of $34,805.37 Processing the deer meat totaled $25,144.12 Other relevant expenses remain under wraps because the city has no public record to show for them. They add substantially to the cost each year.

The city of Ludington, Michigan cancelled a deer “cull” by Wildlife Services scheduled for this winter due to the cost. The city decided that the money would be better spent on other projects.  Philadelphia has so many worthwhile projects where the exorbitant amount of money allocated for killing deer could be put to good use.

It’s well past time for an honest look at the deer issue on so many levels.      

Bridget Irons
Chestnut Hill