(Photo by Rich McIlhenny)

A trio of armed and masked men entered and attempted to rob the Market Square Sprint store, 7723 Crittenden St. on Sunday, July 7. They were trapped by police and later surrendered. A fourth suspect escaped and is currently being sought by police.

Police arrived at the scene at approximately 1 p.m. and were in a standoff with the robbers. During the standoff, three Sprint employees were let go from the store. Eventually, the assailants surrendered, though one of the three who were caught had attempted to hide in ductwork inside the store.

No one involved – suspects, employees or police – was hurt during the standoff. Arrested were Darrien Romero, Jr., 19, Javonne Campfield, 20, and Tazmir Finney, 19.

Police are looking for the fourth man who is said to be driving a black or dark grey Nissan, license plate: KWD-5079. Anyone with any information about the crime can call police at 215-686-TIPS.

– Pete Mazzaccaro