by Brendan Sample

In response to continued controversy over traffic on its new delivery ramp, the Jenks Academy for the Arts and Sciences announced several measures being taken to combat the issue.

Eva Dorcus, president of the Jenks Home and School Association, recently outlined the school’s plans for improving the safety of the area, as well as what Jenks has already implemented.

Dorcus said she will be personally informing all parents who drop off or pick up their children on the 8300 block of Ardleigh Street, where the ramp is located, that the school is officially changing its policy to not allow either on that side of the school.

While she acknowledged that this has technically been the school’s policy all along, the administration has not had the resources to properly enforce it to this point, which is why Dorcus is stepping up to be directly involved herself with the help of a part-time Jenks staff member and parent,

Informing parents of the policy directly is not meant to be a permanent fixture, but rather a solution meant to ensure that parents become fully aware of the policy. Once the administration sees a change that stays, parents will no longer be directly informed at the spot, but there will still be an indicator as to where they can and cannot drop off and pick up.

After the holiday season, the school will receive custom flags to indicate specifically where parents are able to take their children. This will allow for a daily reminder on the proper spots without having members of the staff to actually stand outside and direct people where to go. Given the cost and customization needed for the flags, they will not be arriving at the school until after the holidays have passed.

While awareness of the school’s policy will not change overnight, the administration has already begun to inform parents directly, which has had a positive impact so far.

“We are already seeing changes,” Dorcus said. “We are seeing that the new policy is being well received by parents and that they appreciate the direction.”

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