Singer and Avery were con men

A recent letter from a reader, arguing that climate change is a hoax, cited for its back-up two “respected climate scientists” Fred Singer and Dennis Avery.

Fred Singer? The same Fred Singer, now 93, who worked for many years with the Tobacco Institute to falsely claim that tobacco smoke was harmless? The same Fred Singer who has voiced positions on acid rain and ozone depletion that run contrary to the entire scientific community? The same Fred Singer who says that nuclear war wouldn’t be so bad, that we should be more concerned with comets?

And Dennis Avery? The man who for years has taken money from Monsanto and DuPont and does a dog-and-pony show claiming that pesticides are as safe as mother’s milk? The same man who said that the ban on DDT lead to the death of “five times as many as Hitler killed in his concentration camps.” Is this the Dennis Avery who, according to the website of the Heartland Institute, where he is a “senior fellow” (there appear to be no “junior fellows” on staff), has a degree not in climate science, in fact not in any physical science, but in “agricultural economics”?

I imagine that the Chestnut Hill Local is trying, as a respectable publication, to air “both sides of the controversy.” But there is no controversy about climate change. Not among scientists. The evidence that the climate is changing, that it represents a serious danger to all living things, and that it is directly linked to atmospheric CO2 concentrations, is enormous and incontrovertible.

For any readers interested in learning more about Fred Singer, Dennis Avery and their ilk, I suggest reading “Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming,” by Naomi Oreskes of Harvard, and Erik Conway

Russell Wild
Mt. Airy



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  • Robert Fox

    My goodness. The backlash against a single letter that failed to tow the accepted liberal orthodoxy of man-made climate change has elicited quite a response indeed! I have lost count of the number of subsequent letters and opinion pieces the original letter has generated, but it is high. The word that it seems to keep coming back to, for our more liberal-minded neighbors, is that man-made climate change is “incontrovertible.” I have learned over the years to be skeptical of such stubborn resoluteness, and I remain skeptical in this instance. There are many less-than-honorable motivations of the left that propel it to seek to extinguish any dissenting views on the matter. Thankfully, there are many who understand their real motivations.

    • Joe

      “Thankfully, there are many who understand their real motivations.”

      Ha! as if there is some hive mind / conspiracy here. Robert, is it too hard to believe that their motivation is that they truly believe our actions are destroying the environment?

      And as far as ill intentions – are you implying the conservative-right agenda is somehow more honerable ?

      Robert – do you think (for example) this – – is propaganda ?

      Do you also believe that nasa faked the moon landing?

      Just because the truth is inconvenient, doesn’t make it untrue. Honestly, I really hope you are right and that it’s some hippie agenda… but it’s likely true that our actions are seriously damaging the earth and everything and everyone that lives on it.

      • Robert Fox

        Liberals rarely talk about their real motivations, because they know they are unpalatable. If they cared about black lives they would focus on the issue of black-on-black crime in the inner city. If they cared about racism, they wouldn’t insist we employ racism in admissions and hiring decisions, nor employ it themselves when arguing that certain races are less capable of procuring voter identification than others. If they cared about the rights of women and gay people they be concerned with the Islamic world where homosexual behavior is punishable, sometimes severely, and women are subjugated to a second-class status. If they cared about the free exchange of ideas they wouldn’t shout down conservative speakers. If they were truly open-minded they
        wouldn’t mock prayer or patriotism or theistic beliefs. The truth is liberals are extremely closed-minded and want two things, by and large, and those are 1) control and 2) to feel good about themselves. They want to control what we can say, what we can own, the way we live our lives, etc. And they want to feel like they are helping people with little regard for whether they actually are. They are anti-liberty.

        The real reason that they are so outraged by anyone who doesn’t get in line with their climate change agenda is because it represents the ultimate weapon against liberty. They lick their chops at the world of opportunity to influence and dictate how we live our lives – through government – by limiting and taking away our God-given liberty.

        Many conservatives acknowledge that climate change is real and that it is even possible, if not probable, that mankind is contributing to it. No one wants to destroy the only planet that we have. But they reject the alarmist, apocalyptic, hysteria of the left. Conservatives want balance in the ways we approach a problem. If temperatures are rising at the rate that liberals assert they are, then there is sufficient time to balance the competing needs of the economy and the environment, and to allow for advances in technology to help combat the problem. After all, carbon emissions have been found to be declining in the U.S. and leveling off at the global level. But that doesn’t satisfy liberalism’s relentless quest for control and the immediate gratification of grasping it right now.

        • Joe

          Although I actually agree with much that you are saying… I take issue with your wholistic view of “liberals”. People are just more complex than that. It’s dangerous to lump people together and feel like they have some greater agenda (on either side) – I feel like this is a common theme amongst your rants. You come off as some hurt puppy that people are bullying.

          I can’t think of one of my “liberal” leaning friends who has some greater agenda of control or malice. On the other side, my immigrant in laws voted for trump – are they bad people, no. Confused, maybe… but not bad. You may think of me as a liberal, but I was a registered republican until Obama became a candidate. He was the better man, still is imho.

          I think you need to disconnect from your belief that liberals are trying to take over the world. More specifically they are outraged (as am I) that people they know and care about voted for the current ass clown that is in office. It’s not his conservative voice that bothers me, it’s his outright buffoonery.

          • Robert Fox

            You make fair points and I want you to know that after I penned my response I considered going back and changing the verbage to say “liberalism” rather than “liberals” but decided it was not worth the effort. Regardless, I agree with you that liberals, by and large, are lovely people. I choose to live in the Chestnut Hill area, after all! For the record, I think my comments have been strongly worded but it is disrespectful to call them “rants” as well as to refer to the President as an “ass clown.” Lastly, Trump does not have a conservative voice and is FAR from a conservative. The irony is that the vitriolic hatred that the left has shown to Trump comes despite the fact that he is the most liberal “Republican” in decades.

          • Joe

            Didn’t mean rant to be offensive, just a word. Again, I agree with your points on actions vs words.

            Ass clown however, is meant to be offensive. Look, as you know I’m appalled that someone so unqualified, so hateful (his comments, his tone, his actions) was elected leader of (my opinion) the greatest country in the world. It pains me that people somehow aligned with his rhetoric – doesn’t surprise me given our polarized times… but disheartens me and it flys in the face of the spirit/legacy of this great nation.

            As far as blind liberalism and pseudo intellectual libertarians (different, I know – but equally annoying) I find them almost more annoying than my more very vocal conservative friends.

            For the record, you seem like a smart guy and I would guess that you did not vote for trump… and if you did… I would imagine you might still think that he is a terrible candidate/leader. This doesn’t mean you are hateful or give people the right to assume you are – but, really… this guy is no Reagan… not even close… he is messing everything up Robert.

          • Robert Fox

            Lol, “just a word.” History is littered with derogatory names and labels that could be reduced to “just a word.” No one ever uses the word rant in a complimentary, or even neutral way. No one ever says “thank you, that was an excellent rant” or “Bill then delivered a very balanced and measured rant on the issue.” It is always pejorative, and to claim otherwise is dishonest.

            Yes, I understand how angry you are that Trump won. And that you think using the term “ass clown” is justified because he really is THAT terrible. But it isn’t. People said it about Obama when he was in office and it was unjustified then. It exposes the weakness of your argument if all you can do is attack someone personally.

            Of course I voted for Trump. And I would do it again. I don’t like everything about his policies or tone and there are many things I wish he wouldn’t say, but it is incredibly refreshing to have someone who loves America back in the White House after 8 years of Jeremiah Wright’s spiritual mentee. I also have yet to hear anything he has said, or more importantly done, that is actually racist or sexist or homophobic or any of the other labels that Hillary keeps in her basket of deplorables. His messages at his inauguration, at the State of the Union, and at the United Nations have been superb. Most of what people who hate Trump are reacting to is his personal style. His haughty tone, his bragging, his unkind words about individuals, his refusal to take a punch without hitting back – basically that he is an alpha male. Those aspects are style, not substance. What we are witnessing with Trump is the equal and opposite reaction following eight years of America hatred from his predecessor.

            And yes, I am smart. I don’t say that to brag but almost as a warning to all those who think Trump won because people are dumb. They aren’t. The same people elected Obama twice.

          • Joe

            Wow. Just wow.

            Ok first, rant is a word that accurately describes what you do. I also rant, usually replies to your rants – which I will gladly continue to do, in the spirit of balance. The word “rant” is far different than the words you are referring to. It’s actually pretty annoying how you try to subtly influence readers. Fortunately you and I are the only likely readers here.

            And as far as my assessment of you being smart – I truly thought you were actually a conservative that likely was not a trump supporter – I mean, he is a buffoon (in style and substance). Guess I was wrong. Your vitriol and despise for anything Obama seems evident now… and your support and belief in Trump is pretty telling in my book.

            Right back to where we were Robert… and I felt like we were making progress.

          • Robert Fox

            1) Rant is pejorative. That’s a fact. If you want to be disrespectful that’s well within your rights. All I’m doing is pointing it out.

            2) You find it annoying that I try to “subtly influence” readers? How? By posting contrary viewpoints? How is that subtle? Please see my prior comments about liberalism opposing the free exchange of ideas.

            3) I don’t care whether you think I’m smart or not. But I do find it amusing that you would comment on it only to retract your comment upon finding out I voted for someone you don’t like. Please see my prior comments about liberalism being closed-minded. William Buckley could not have said it better: “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”

          • Joe

            Robert, wasn’t it you that recently responded with “The smug and condescending tone of columns like this” on this very matter? That sounds pretty pejorative to me… or maybe you are hiding behind the fact that that you are indirectly being disrespectful? Or perhaps you just think calling people smug is acceptable and referring to someone’s rant as a “rant” is not. Or maybe you are just laughably ridiculous, arrogant and self righteous. I’m betting on the latter.

            My comment about “you seeming intelligent” was me giving you the benefit of the doubt. You are soooo unaware of how hateful and biased your comments are. Your “liberal this” and “liberal that” is really tired and uninteresting. You vassilate between seeming like some poor bullied puppy to some paranoid old man who hates everything. You need a new shtick.

            And again (in case you weren’t listening) I’m not a liberal – however you define that. I’m actually annoyed that my crazy liberal “friends” radicalized the center, which resulted in the current assclown, buffoon, monopoly man incarnate getting elected to the highest office in the land.

            That fact that you openly support that arrogant, hateful prick speaks volumes about who you are. Defending him as an “alpha male” is ludicrous. He has demonstrated with his actions and his words that he is a sexist, racist, elitist asshole. “Grab them in the p***y” right? He will undoubtably go down in history as the worst president – ever. But convincing you is like blowing a train out of the way, so I won’t try.

            I’ll be here to troll you every comment. Every time. I enjoy it, I hope you do.

            Love, Joe.

          • Robert Fox

            Well that spiraled down fast! No hatred here folks!

          • Joe

            😉 and definitely from Robert !!!

          • Robert Fox

            What did I say that was hateful?

          • Joe

            “Smug” Robert… you said “Smug” and accused my use of the word “Rant” as hateful.

          • Robert Fox

            I said it was disrespectful not hateful to use that word to describe someone’s post.

          • Joe

            You are funny Robert. You don’t have a good response, yet again. Same thing buddy. Point: Joe.

          • Robert Fox

            Mmmmkay Joe!

          • Joe

            Ok Robert!

            To review, you admonished me for being “disrespectful”, even though you clearly do the same thing yourself. You couldn’t defend yourself, so resorted to desperately trying to have the last word. You are so funny Robert… and predictable… 😉

          • Robert Fox

            Thanks bud. Obviously I have a slightly different account but glad we can preserve this review for posterity.

          • Joe

            … and predictable…

            Fortunately the account is right here for all to read 🙂

          • Robert Fox


          • Joe

            Alright Robert, I’ll let you have the last word… just so you can feel like you won something… go for it Robert… last word… I’m giving it to you… consider it a consultation prize.

          • Joe


          • Robert Fox