Fencing surrounds Wyndmoor Station on East Willow Grove Avenue as workers begin a comprehensive renovation. (Photo by Pete Mazzaccaro)

by Brendan Sample

With construction underway at the Wyndmoor train station on Willow Grove Avenue, SEPTA is hoping to finish renovations by the end of the year. The project is being done by the Lorenzon Brothers, a construction company based in Wyndmoor that has partnered with SEPTA on similar jobs in the past.

Kate O’Connor, SEPTA’s chief engineering officer, spoke to the Chestnut Hill Local about the range of the construction and SEPTA’s experience in working with the Lorenzon Brothers.

“The scope of the work is pretty wide-ranging,” O’Connor said. “The renovations will include replacing the stairwell canopy, doing repairs on the platform, replacing some of the doors and windows of the station building, doing rehab work on the floors and walls of the outbound waiting room and replacing some of the wind screens on the outside of the platform edge.”

As a third party, the Lorenzon Brothers won the right to work on the station by submitting an offer through SEPTA’s competitive bidding process. While the specific amount was not disclosed, the offer, combined with SEPTA knowing that the company would act as a responsible contractor, allowed the Lorenzon Brothers to start the project on June 26.

“They’ve been a responsible contractor and definitely responsive when we make any requests and during day-to-day communication as well,” said O’Connor of her previous experience with the Lorenzon firm.


  • Susan Mandeville

    Good. Glad to hear SEPTA did it’s homework.