Evan Brown

by Brendan Sample

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office confirmed that a settlement has been reached in the Fresh Market graffiti case from November of last year. Evan Brown was initially arrested in December for spray painting “F— Trump” and other anti-trump slogans on the wall of the Fresh Market grocery store at 8208 Germantown Ave.

According to Cameron Kline, communications director and spokesperson for the DA’s Office, Brown took an offer of diversion on June 21. He will be required to pay $9,645 in restitution to the store and court costs, perform 100 hours of community service with the Chestnut Hill Business Improvement District and write a formal apology letter to the Fresh Market.

“The District Attorney’s Office and the police performed magnificently on this whole thing,” said Richard Snowden, owner of Bowman Properties, which owns the Fresh Market location.

Brown was captured on camera along with Duncan Lloyd of the DA’s office, who watched Brown tag the wall but did not actively do anything else himself. Around the time of Brown’s arrest, city officials announced that they would not fire Lloyd from his job as city solicitor, and  Kline confirmed that Lloyd has not been charged with any crimes to this point.

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  • James Goodwin

    Disbar him from the practice of law! If he was capable of such violence towards a store by writing on their wall inappropriate language, he is not fit to practice law as a lawyer. I am sure after he has paid off the fine courtesy of his billable income easily exceeding six figures, he will soon find out that none of Philly’s top law firms will have a job waiting for him.

    • Jim Harris

      Since he is “not fit to practice law as a lawyer,” perhaps he
      could practice medicine as a lawyer? Or practice law as a POLE VAULTER?

      • Chompers

        Venezuela is accepting new applicants. I think you’d like it.

  • Adam Rice

    Would love to help with his court costs, please post a gofundme or anything like that.

  • Jim Harris

    How does one “apologize to a store?” Hmmm…

    Dear store, thanks for supporting that monstrously ugly building that so destroyed the unique character of our neighborhood’s main thoroughfare. True, my bit of paint was offensive to some, but hardly as offensive as the object of its wrath. Sometimes laws must be broken for the preservation of the republic. ANYHOO, sorry, store, I will stop in and buy some overpriced faux health food real soon.

    • Rex Dog

      I guess you think this clown’s accomplice should have stayed employed by the city because you agreed with his stance. If this was done against Obama a few years ago would you have the same politics? Would love to hear your thoughts on that front although my guess is no. And you wonder why most of the country has turned against you.

    • Joe

      You are terrible. He broke the law, he should be punished. (Although I agree with his message). And that property was an abandoned lot you clown, anything would have been an improvement.

  • Martha Haley

    I hope the *system* provided Evan Brown with an itemized accounting of the $9,645 worth of the alleged “damage done.”

    With the impressive degree to which Snowden’s properties are Eye in the Sky/24-7, your staggering, astounding, fresh-smelling, and magnificently coiffed local law enforcement might better serve and protect more efficiently downtown.

    • Gill

      Snowden has done more for this town than you will ever know. And if we don’t protect it from vandals it will become just like downtown. Take it from an 85 yo who grew up in west philly. You should have seen it back in the 50’s.