by Clark Groome

“Greetings friends,” Roger Angell wrote each year

To New Yorker readers, to bring them cheer.

The holidays, with their joy-filled faces,

Are just the right time to praise the graces

Our athletes bring to each and every one

As they struggle to see their jobs get done.

It is not easy, what these sportsfolk do.

Which is why the best are really the few.

So without any more hesitation

Here’s wishing them all felicitation.

May the stockings hung on the fireplace rail

Be filled with pitchers for Andy MacPhail.

On Santa’s sleigh and in his bulging sack

There should be some prospects for Matt Klentack,

And perhaps a brand new Phillies beanie

For first base coach Mickey Morandini.

Deck Dave Montgomery’s halls with holly

And make his brand new year mega-jolly.

To the Phillies who have gone from us here:

Old friends Rollins, Hamels, Utley, Revere.

Do Play well and yet always remember

Those years that the Phils shone in September.

Hakstol and Hextall, with their names rhyming,

Their efforts are focused on the timing

To get the skaters to post-season ice

A gift of cap space, now that would be nice.

Let’s hope the year ahead is filled with flair

For very impressive Shayne Gostisbehere.

For Flyers honoree Rod Brind’Amour

Bilingual carolers go to his door

And sing to him songs of praise and thank you

Then find Jimmy Watson and sing there too.

For the great Hall of Famer Chris Pronger

Good health; too bad he couldn’t play longer,

And rest and fun be never ending facts

For Kimmo, Danny, Simon; three class acts.

A strong year for the Flyers Lauren Hart:

Her anthem singing always a strong start

To the games that follow her on the ice

And with Kate her “God Bless’” is extra nice.

Send a traditional holiday ham

To Williams, Serena, noting her slam.

For Brett Brown of the rebuilding Sixers

Some victories would sure be elxirs.

Nerlens Noel, with the seasonal name,

Is but one key to a much better game.

And to help the team more quickly to grow

They’ve been given Jerry Colangelo.

For City Six hoopsters tournament bids

To thank their coaches and talented kids.

For Jordan Spieth, golf’s newest superstar,

Many long drives and rounds well below par.

Joy unbounding, and consistent offense

For Chip Kelly’s Iggles, that would make sense.

Fewer injuries for those at the Linc

Would make their team better,

that’s what you’d think.

The Temple football season has been cool;

May Santa bring more for their coach Matt Rhule.

American Pharoah, the Triple Crown winner

Deserves a very special holiday dinner.

The three-year-old won more than those races,

He won our hearts, put smiles on our faces.

Let’s hope for no more moves that are stinky

For folk at the Daily News and Inky.

And for all sportswriters and sportscasters

A new year filled with fewer disasters.

Goodies galore for the teams’ PR folk.

They’re the best there is, and that is no joke.

Those who tend the press boxes ev’ry year

Deserve many thanks and lots of good cheer.

So as this poem comes to an end

May this happy season be a great blend

Of joy and friends and bucketsful of cheer

And lead you and yours to a bright new year.