by Maggie Wolman

For 49 years my husband Milton and I have lived a beautiful life in East Mt. Airy. We successfully raised three children in a large turn-of-the-20th-century stone house. It is now time to move near to our son in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but I want to thank the people who have made our lives so comfortable here.

First on the list are the gentlemen from JKK Automotive on Chew Street. Their skill in caring for my cars has kept me safe and accident-free for decades. As I always remind them, all I know about cars is how to start them, stop them and feed them.

As a result of their skill, I have been able to shop at Weavers Way Co-op. There I developed a friendship with Dale, who has ordered for me seasonal specialties like fresh roe and soft-shell crabs. Fulfilling my work schedule with her is something I always look forward to. For me it is more summer fun that lolling on the beach.

The people at Lovett Library have also been gracious and helpful. No matter what book I have requested, they have found it for me, even if they had to reach all the way to New York or Maryland to get it. Pat can locate any book in print.

And in the Acme I am always welcomed. Jim in the meat department always has a hearty “Hi, teach.” And when I leave the market with a bag in each hand, drivers stop to offer a lift home, not knowing that I live on the unit block of Sedgwick Street.

I realize that because East Mt. Airy is so diverse, the residents reach out to each other. The traffic from the Acme, library, Wawa and playground is reassuring. The city is alive. The only thing I ask from my neighbors is that they take their refuse from snacking home with them rather than drop it in the street. Then again, I feel virtuous when I retrieve a floating plastic bag and collect discarded wrappers.

On Friday afternoons at Lovett Library, my writing friends and I share stories and the intimate details of our lives. We have become more than family because we reveal more to each other than we might to a therapist, and there is no charge.

While I live in Mt. Airy, I have also spent a lot of time in Chestnut Hill. At the Senior Center I play Bridge, and Mary Zell arranges that there is always a quorum for playing and cookies for nibbling.

It is with reluctance that I leave this ideal community. My neighbor, Joe Dougherty, will sell my house. JKK will sell my car, and without my neighbor, Grace, I’ll be drinking alone. I will miss you all. Love and kisses.

— Maggie, aka Marge

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