Not amused by Local cartoon

I was sorely disappointed to see the snarky editorial cartoon in the July 30 edition placed next to Mandi Rush’s article about the Historical Society’s project to update the Chestnut Hill Historic District Inventory to include the mid-century modern and post modern structures that were too young to be included when the District was designated in the 1980s.

Like many, my husband and I were drawn to Chestnut Hill by its rich and considered architectural heritage that supports a unique and diverse community.

Students of architecture visit Chestnut Hill from all over the world not only to see stellar examples of architectural styles, but also to see those buildings fit into the timeline of American architecture. Thanks to the work of the society and thoughtful development that timeline is concrete and continues in Chestnut Hill.

The cartoon incorrectly suggests that the CHHS intends to turn the Hill into a dusty museum. Updating the Historic District’s inventory according to the National Park Service regulations with a small budget and handful of volunteers will be a herculean task for the CHHS. Once completed, however, it will serve as valuable resource for the entire community that not only celebrates our past, but also informs future development.

Why the Local would belittle those efforts with a crass cartoon rather than celebrate them by publishing a photograph of one of our iconic mid-century modern residences is a mystery to me.

Anne Wertz

Chestnut Hill

Editor’s note: Belittling preservation was not the intent of the cartoon, but I understand how it could be construed that way. The cartoon was about preserving Chestnut Hill in a general sense and it missed the mark.