Concert review ‘unfair’

I was shocked to read Michael Caruso’s review of the Pastorius Park concert today (“Pastorius Park concert disappointing, loud, monotonous,” July 9). That may have been the harshest review I have ever read of a concert in any newspaper. It seemed like Caruso had something personal against the singer, Ali Wadsworth. It was unfair.

I was at the concert, and while Ali Wadsworth is admittedly no Barbra Streisand, she was pleasant enough, and she gave it her all. I did enjoy the concert, and from the reception Wadsworth got, I will bet anything that almost everyone else there also enjoyed it. I would say that Wadsworth is just as good as Taylor Swift, who manages to sell millions of records and make millions of dollars.

Caruso is certainly entitled to his opinion, but I just do not understand the reason for the anger. Not to mention the fact that the concerts are free. So it’s not like you’re being cheated out of a lot of money, which could be the case with a bad performance in a downtown theater.


Angela Schauble