by Sue Ann Rybak

A fire on Friday morning, Jan. 23, damaged an apartment in a multi-unit building at 220 West Evergreen Ave.

Caitlin Stevens, who lived in the apartment above the fire said she initially thought she heard the cat scratching but quickly realized that the popping and crackling sound she heard was caused by the “flames licking out the window” in the apartment below her.

“I ran outside and started yelling ‘fire,’” she said.

Stevens immediately called 911 on her cell phone after pulling the fire alarm on her way out.

Ann Mulkern, another tenant, said she was working on her computer when she heard Stevens screaming “fire.”

Mulkern said firefighters quickly extinguished the fire within a matter of minutes after getting the call at 11:08 a.m.

While no one was injured in the fire, firefighters did rescue “Charlie,” a small, shaggy, grey dog who was covered in ash and soot.

Officials on the scene said the fire may have started from tea light candles sitting on the first floor near window curtains. Firemen on the scene carried out metal buckets full of debris that had been destroyed in the fire.

We have yet to get an official cause from the Philadelphia Fire Department but will update this post when we have that information.