by Chestnut Hill Community Fund Drive Co-chairs Floramae McCarron & Laura Lucas

Thanks to all who have participated so far in the Annual Fund Drive, which runs through mid-March. We have raised approximately $33,000 of our $100,000 goal. Funds raised go to support many important initiatives on the Hill and area non-profits. We are your “Pay It Forward” conduits and your ambassadors of good will.

Pay It Forward Weekend

If you missed Giving Tuesday, there’s a new effort to kick start a kinder and gentler world that we encourage you to check out. Facebook has created a Pay It Forward Weekend on January 16 – 18. Organizers are asking everyone for least one random act of kindness (more than one is even better). It is very easy to participate. All you have to do is something for someone or some organization without expecting anything in return. The possibilities are endless, and we’d like to include making a donation to your friendly, out-to-dazzle-the-neighborhood with our good cheer, Chestnut Hill Community Fund Drive.

All it takes is a spark to get a fire going. So get on board, invite all your Facebook friends to join and let’s see if we can change someone’s world on this weekend. Who knows, it might be your life that gets changed.

Last year, the Pay It Forward Weekend organizers had 484,743 people accept their invitation. More remarkable is that more than six million people saw the invitation and cause. Spread the word and help make 2015 start strong for not only the one or more that you touch, but for you personally – and please think about connecting it to the Chestnut Hill Community Fund Drive.

If you do make giving part of your Pay It Forward Weekend, use our Fund Drive selfie template that we posted on the CHCA webpage – – and use #joyfulgiving to share what motivates your charitable giving in the community.

Dining Night Out

Also make a date with good friends and neighbors for a post-holiday celebration on the Hill. On Wednesday, Jan. 28, the Chestnut Hill Community Fund Drive will hold its second annual Dining Night Out. Participating restaurants include Campbell’s and Iron Hill Brewery. A portion of proceeds from the night will go the Annual Fund Drive. For more information, visit

You can make a contribution to the Fund Drive in person or by mail to CHCF at 8434 Germantown Ave.,Philadelphia 19118 or online to or contact Noreen Spota at 215-248-8810. Donors who contribute $500 or more can pick up a complementary Chestnut Hill Calendar at Town Hall.

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