Cliveden project is alive and well

As it happens, two articles in the Oct. 9 edition of the Local feature authors whose subject matter has connections to Cliveden. Contrary to assertions made by Mr. Seitz, as reported by Ms Rybak (“Mt. Airy Author to discuss ‘Slavery in Philadelphia,’” the Cliveden Project was not “ended abruptly” but has continued with broad community support and expert involvement.

The project received a 2014 National Leadership in History Award from the American Association of State and Local History and continues to be available to the public at Cliveden.

We welcome all readers of the Local and Ms. Rybak to take a tour and see the exhibitions for themselves. We also invite everyone to see Dr. Abigail Perkiss discuss her work at the Oct. 15 Cliveden Conversation – an award-winning community forum that discusses race, history and memory, now in its fifth year.

Ted Reed

Board Chair, Cliveden