Moonlight Movies in Lovett Park.

by Siobhan Gleason

Thanks to a partnership between Mt. Airy USA, the Trolley Car Diner and the Free Library of Philadelphia, Moonlight Movies in Mt. Airy are in their third year, and they have been steadily growing in popularity.

This year, movies are being shown on Fridays at Lovett Park and and on Saturdays at the Trolley Car Diner. The movies started on June 20 and will end on August 16.

Online voting was used to pick the movies at Lovett Park. When asked which movie she expected to draw the biggest crowd, Elizabeth Moselle, the director of Commercial Corridor Revitalization and Business Development at Mt. Airy USA, said, “Frozen,” which was shown on June 20 would be hard to beat.

“There was a huge turnout for that,” she said.

The event seems to have movies for everyone, including family friendly animations (“The Incredibles,” “Despicable Me” 2), science fiction (“Close Encounters of the Third Kind”) and suspense (“Rear Window”).

The movies at Lovett Park even have an added surprise: dining under the stars. Every Friday before and during the movie, food trucks will be available for dinner and dessert.

“Food trucks are very popular,” Moselle said. “Bringing them to the the park is a fun way to bring Philly’s diverse food offerings to Mt. Airy without having them compete with local restaurants.”

This year the food trucks will be serving up hot dogs, tacos, crepes, ice cream and many other tasty treats. The food trucks will help make the Moonlight Movies into more of an event. Moviegoers can bring their dates or their families without worrying about dinner.

Mt. Airy USA also hopes that the movies will inspire moviegoers to come back after the summer is over.

“When people come to enjoy dining and movies in Lovett Park, they get to experience some of the space’s full potential,” Moselle said. “Hopefully that makes them more engaged in or excited about the project we’re doing there. At a minimum it makes it more likely that they’ll think of Lovett Park as a place to come hang out with friends, or have a picnic on another occasion, which is the ultimate goal.”