The Chestnut Hill Historical Society is seeking nominations for its first Preservation Recognition Award.

The historical society, which noted that it appreciates the sensitive care owners commit to the architectural and historic resources in their keeping, plans to demonstrate its gratitude through its new Preservation Recognition Award.

To be eligible, a project must be within the boundaries of the Chestnut Hill National Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places (virtually all of Chestnut Hill). Building owners, neighbors, architects and contractors, and Chestnut Hill lovers are invited to nominate a project. Projects must meet one of these criteria to qualify: preserve or protect historic resources in the built or natural environment; exemplify appropriate historic building restoration, rehabilitation, or adaptive reuse; or demonstrate good stewardship of an important building.

In addition, projects must follow the “Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.” All applications are due by Dec. 1, 2014, and to qualify projects must be completed by that date. The Preservation Recognition Award will be presented at the society’s annual meeting in January.

“We are excited about recognizing those who cherish our historic and architectural resources so that they continue to enrich our lives today and nourish future generations,” said Shirley Hanson, chair of the Awards Committee. Members of the committee include Anne Bolno, Emily Cooperman, Patricia Cove, Heather Killinger, Monica Hemmers, Mindy O’Connor, Peter Saylor, and Greg Woodring.

Nomination guidelines and a form are available on the historical society’s website at

For questions or additional information, contact Tim Wood, CHHS Resource Center manager at 215-247-0417, ext. 203, or by email at

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  • Give it a rest, CHHS.

    What interesting timing for this new award! I nominate Sam Blake.

  • Mike

    I guess Snowden was right…the Local is the mouthpiece of the CHCA. Give it a rest, guys!

  • jim

    I wonder which of the at least 40 homes Sam Blake has restored
    will the Chestnut Hill community association and the CHHS pick from?????

  • jim

    i vote for any and all the beautiful restorations Sam Blake has done who else could win this award? Or maybe Richard Snowden will nominate himself.

  • lynn

    I vote for Blake Developement!!!! Any restoration Sam Blake has done is a winner in my opinion!