A memorable House Tour

The Chestnut Hill Community Association’s Holiday House Tour went over the top this past weekend, with an ambitious tour encompassing seven stops. Five beautiful homes were opened to tour guests. Two homeowners did their own decorating in full holiday style, and three homeowners generously opened their homes to transformation at the hands of 28 different designers, each bringing their own style and interpretation to a space. We thank all the homeowners and designers for making this festive event possible.

Two cherished institutions were included in the tour: Woodmere Art Museum and Northwestern Stables. The museum provided a festive welcome of refreshments and a place to take a break and enjoy an exhibit of Christmas Past in the Pennsylvania German Tradition. And for many, Northwestern Stables was a new discovery. Many visitors had never been there and were delighted in what they found: an institution focused on the love and care of horses. Their Holiday Bazaar, for young and old, was topped off by a fabulous Ralph Lauren-style dining area created in the loft by a Holiday House Tour designer. Both of these institutions were right in the path of three of the homes, and we are so pleased to have been able to incorporate them into our tour.

Significantly, we thank the committee of volunteers who worked throughout the past months to bring this event to life. And we thank the volunteers who come to the fore on tour-day to help out. It takes a small army to pull this tour together, and their enthusiasm and commitment are greatly appreciated by the CHCA. Some have been serving on the committee for a number of years because, hard work aside, it’s a lot of fun, and because they are constant supporters of the community, and this tour as part of it.

Our sponsors played a key role this year: Bowman Properties provided the manpower to do a significant cleanup of the hay loft at Northwestern Stables, provided refreshments to our guests, and supported our program book. Chestnut Hill Hospital made our trolley possible. We thank both of them for their loyal support.

We thank Christ Ascension Lutheran Church for always opening their doors for our registration. It works perfectly for us, and it’s so nice to know we are welcomed.

Lastly, we thank everyone who came on the tour. We received many wonderful reviews from people who so enjoyed what they saw: the quality, diversity, creativity, and festivity. And we thank everyone for their patience with a transportation system that worked well for some and not for others. The CHCA may not try so ambitious a tour again, but transportation problems aside, we feel extremely fortunate with the quality of the results, the exposure given to our cherished institutions, and the blessing of a sunny day sandwiched between rain and snow.

Thanks to all for a memorable Holiday House Tour. Suggestions, recommendations, ideas and even complaints will all be greatly appreciated by the CHCA office. Please send them my way at celeste@chestnuthill.org.

Celeste Hardester

Community Manager


At-home euthanasia by wonderful doctor

I recently required euthanasia services for my beloved dog. I located this veterinarian affiliated with LapofLove.com. Dr. Brad Bates could not have been more wonderful. He was at my home within two hours of my contacting him. Words cannot describe how peaceful my dog’s passing were largely because of being able to hold him in our home without having to transport him to our veterinary clinic with all the negative associated smells, sounds and lack of home comfort. Dr. Bates was perfectly attuned to our needs and provided wonderful encouragement and support. It was a gift to all of us that words cannot fully describe. I cannot recommend this physician more highly. He is providing a very helpful service to the community.

Carolyn Klein

Chestnut Hill


Every opportunity

One can not help marveling at how vastly more compelling and inspiring Nelson Mandela’s real life story is when compared with Barack Obama’s fake one.

Joseph A. Ferry