On Nov. 5, the 1961 film ‘Fear No More’ will screen at Woodmere Art Museum as part of Chestnut Hill Film Group’s ongoing series, ‘Tuesday Nights at the Movies.’

The film noir centers around a woman, a recently released psychiatric patient, who is traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco by train. When she discovers a dead body in her compartment, she is accused of the murder, arrested and taken into police custody. She escapes from the police and flees back to her apartment, where she finds another dead body. Realizing that someone is setting her up, she sets out to find the culprit and their motive.

The film is directed by Bernard Wiesen and stars Mala Powers, Jacques Bergerac and John Harding.

The movie begins at 7 p.m. at Woodmere Art Museum. Doors open at 6:30. Admission is free, although donations are recommended.

For more information please call 215-247-0476. To see a list of the films being screened by The Chestnut Hill Film Group, visit armcinema25.com/chestnut-hill-film-group.

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