Many attended weekly concerts in Partorius Park. (Photo by Steve Ladner)

Many attended weekly concerts in Partorius Park. (Photo by Steve Ladner)

by Sam Loth – Fund Drive Committee Member

You’ve heard that music is the “international” language and that music, the world over, is a common bond among peoples. A true example of this is the Chestnut Hill Community Association’s Pastorius Park Concert Series, whose major sponsor is the Chestnut Hill Hospital. Each week in June and July the sound of music attracts hundreds of people to the park’s marvelous amphitheater (and the rain location, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy auditorium).

Two community volunteers from the social division of the CHCA, Julie Byrne and Neil Scheinin, are co-chairs for the concert series, along with Steve Pearson, who emcees each concert, and Dr. John Cacciamani, CEO of the hospital, who updates us at each concert on new health care services. There are many other volunteers who help with setup, lighting, production, snack service, hospitality and cleanup. WXPN-FM helps promote the concerts and featured artists. The sound production is professionally generated by Bauder Audio, of Horsham, which of course is a critical aspect of any concert and accounts for the excellent experience the CHCA brings to you.

My spouse and I were proud to invite our friends from all around greater Philadelphia to the Pastorius Park concerts, and I believe that pride was felt by everyone considering the broad range of people attending. So many families of all ages and ethnicity at every show and the children having such a great time dancing and falling down giggling, not to mention the dogs! One friend from the Ridge looked around during one concert and said, “Wow, even the dogs are well-behaved in Chestnut Hill!” Hah, that’s the ticket!

So then how is it that this concert series brings out the best of Northwest Philly? For starters, Chestnut Hill Hospital donates $20,000 toward the Annual Fund Drive, half of which is dedicated to the concert series with an additional $6,500 in donations from people just like you. Your generosity generates the momentum to produce the concert series and helps create the enthusiasm required by all the CHCA volunteers to make the experience great! Be proud neighbors – it’s your simple donations of $25 and $50 or more to the Community Fund Drive and redirected to bring you and yours a culturally enriching experience that is unique and worth it. Be part of this pride – let’s make sure the sound of music remains alive and well in Pastorius Park. Send your donation to CHCF, 8434 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia 19118. Thank you.

Next week: The Mt. Airy Arts Garage and the Rain Barrel Project.

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