Lucky for hospital

Having just returned from a totally unplanned three night stay at our Chestnut Hill Hospital, I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the marvelous staff for their expertise, kindness, and care. From housekeeping (thank you, Mary) to physicians, the fifth floor staff was wonderful.

In particular, thank you Mike, Coleen, Tammy, Luciana, Angel, James the Greater and James the Lesser – and Drs. Ray Rodriguez and Brandy Patterson.

There’s a special sense of camaraderie, probably because, compared to our more famous research/teaching hospitals, CHH is smaller and allows more interaction between staff and patients. No one looks forward to hospital visits but, if necessary, it’s a blessing that Hillers have CHH!

Dr. James B. Johnston

Chestnut Hill


America haters

Does anything tell you how much Democrats hate America more than Obama’s childish and vindictive closing of all the War Memorials and not one elected Democrat making a peep about it? Or for that matter, any of the draft dodging Democrat apparatchiks in the media?

Joseph A. Ferry