Thanks for a successful series

Last Wednesday we held the 15th Annual Police, Firefighters and Postal Workers Picnic in Pastorius Park. It was a lovely evening in the park. Picnickers feasted on wraps, greek salad, pasta salad and chips, followed by cookies, cake, home baked brownies and watermelon.

Thank you to all the hard working volunteers who made this event happen: Bob Rossman, Jean Wedgwood, Joyce Lenhardt, Kate O’Neil, Kathlyn Egan, Kristina Sullivan, Barbara Bloom, Lisa Howe and Marilyn Paucker.

Thank you to the local businesses who were so generous in their support of this event: Baker Street Bread Company, Bowman Properties, Cosimo’s Pizza, McNally’s Tavern, and Top of the Hill Cafe – you really did us all proud!!

Most of all, and especially, we want to thank all of the police, firefighters, and postal workers for their service to our community!

Julie Byrne

VP Social Division,

Chestnut Hill Community Association


A nontroversy

I was quite taken aback to hear Eagle Riley Cooper uttering the so-called N-word. I usually only hear black people doing that.

The whole kerfluffle is a nontroversy, anyway. I mean it’s not like he said “binders full of women.” Or something.

Joseph A. Ferry