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Photos by Steve Ladner

The soul music band, Aaron and The Spell, performed the fourth concert in the Pastorius Park Concert Series on July 10. The band, meshing together a collage of musical genres such as soul, folk and the blues, treated the audience to an eclectic and unique auditory experience. And even though the weather didn’t hold up, not a face in the auditorium was bereft of a smile.

Cheers Elephant will take the stage next on July 17. For more information and weather updates, visit chestnuthill.org.

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  • Julie Byrne

    Thanks to Aaron & the Spell for a great performance! I loved Aaron’s reminiscence about tadpoling in Pastorius Park lake as a child…!

    • Aaron & The Spell

      Thanks Julie, we had such a blast playing for everyone. Hopefully we’ll get to do it again in the future. ~ Aaron