Center on Hill a real resource

I am just back from giving a “Downton Abbey Fashion Flashback” talk and luncheon at the Chestnut Hill Center on the Hill. What a fabulous resource we have in this community in the form of the Center on the Hill.

I need to publicly thank CHCH Executive Director Jackie Yorko for troubleshooting computer issues, taking last minute RSVPs, and managing so many tasks with grace and humor.

If you haven’t signed up for her newsletter, you should e-mail or call 215-247-4654. The center is located in the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill at 8855 Germantown Avenue, next to the hospital. Plenty of free parking in the rear.


Barb Sherf

Flourtown, PA


Paying for more than power

Once a month I sit down and pay my electric bill. I know that I am paying to power the baby monitor, to charge the computer so my kids can Skype with grandma and grandpa, and keep my family cool during the heat of summer. What I did not realize is that I am also paying for lobbyists to fight against life-saving protections for my children.

Every time I write a check to my big utility company I am ensuring that big energy companies can hire lawyers to fight against clean air standards instead of installing scrubbers on an existing plant or investing in clean energy. Currently, big energy is fighting against EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics standards, which will protect my young children from mercury, a dangerous neurotoxin that harms developing brains, hearts, and lungs. Today I want to demand that the big power companies stop using my family’s hard-earned money to fight against life-saving mercury standards.

Jen McIntyre

Mt. Airy