Mr. and Mrs. Mariello in the ’40s.

In honor of Memorial Day next week, all of us need to honor those veterans who put their own lives in jeopardy for all the rest of us. Such a man is Peter L. Mariello, of Erdenheim, who was an Army Supply Sergeant in World War II. According to a niece and nephew, Philip and Gina Iannuzzi, Peter is also “one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He is kind and generous and visits his wife, who resides in a nursing home for health reasons, every day.”

Peter wrote a poem in honor of his fellow soldiers that we would like to share with readers on behalf of those who sacrificed so much — those to whom we owe a debt so great that it can never be fully repaid:

“Have you seen the many names on the

wall …

Of all our troops who stood so tall?

They gave their lives so we could be free,

And they fought for us so gallantly.

“They left their families and next of kin,

And fought in a land they had never been


Our country now will never fall,

Thanks to the many names on the wall.

“So let’s be proud of our soldiers so


We appreciate how much they gave.

We thank the troops who stood so tall.

God bless the many names on the wall.”