Ryann Shemeley, age 10, and Regan, 9, loved the concert despite having to sit behind “fatheads.”

After reading Len Lear’s article last week about the Queen tribute band concert at the Keswick Theater and the two Incredible Hulk-sized people sitting in front of Lear and his wife, Martha Haley of Haddon Township, NJ, but for many years a resident of Ardleigh Street in Chestnut Hill, wrote:

“Just read your piece on Queen. Last week during school spring break, my granddaughters and I went to Temple University to see Green Day. They are now Ryann Shemeley, age 10, and Regan, 9, and we are all large fans of Billie Joe Armstrong. Two and a half years ago, we saw them in Camden at that Tweeter place.

“As we waited/waded through a warm-up band from our excellent seats, second row, two enormous men (father-son fatheads) sat down in the front row. The girls were then separated by a phalanx of fat. Then the pair STOOD UP. The kids dissolved into giggles until Green Day hit the stage.

“But that is not the whole point. Still waiting for the band, music was playing on the sound system — Elvis Costello, the Ramones and then ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (the Queen classic). ‘SHHHHHHHH,’ I barked. ‘LISTEN CAREFULLY!’ Nearly everyone in the place was singing softly, respectfully, including Ryann, Regan and me. It was magical. Seriously. And 9,000 of us crooned, ‘Nothing really matters to me!’

“Then a roar of the crowd as we applauded ourselves.”