Gerald Caldwell

Gerald Caldwell, a coach for Mt. Airy Baseball, has won Positive Coaching Alliance’s coveted Double-Goal Coach Award presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance for his positive impact on youth athletes.

The award – named for coaches who strive to win while pursuing the more important goal of teaching life lessons through sports – carries a $250 prize, a trophy and mention within the websites and newsletters of Positive Coaching Alliance ( and the Liberty Mutual Insurance Responsible Sports program (

“Gerald helps youth athletes win on and off the field,” said Jim Thompson, founder and CEO of Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) and author of eight books on youth sports, including The Power of Double-Goal Coaching. “By creating a positive, character-building youth sports experience, and serving as a Double-Goal Coach, Gerald helps youth develop into better athletes and better people.”

Caldwell keeps a focus on fun with his players.

“If you can’t enjoy this, then why do it?” he said. “You come to this field with a smile on your face, and you leave this field with a smile on your face. Nobody worries about wins and losses but the coach. You want to blame somebody, blame me. Kids of 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 years old can’t walk around with that on their shoulders.”

Caldwell – a grandfather of three, who moved to Mt. Airy in 1987 – also noted some more serious aspects of youth sports.

“Being in the part of the city I’m in, we’ve worked through some racial tensions,” he said. “Bringing cultures together is one of the biggest life lessons. Kids don’t pick these things up automatically in the streets. Some of these things are taught. I try to teach that color doesn’t matter. Whatever you want out there, you can get it if you focus.”

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