A ‘thank you’ from the blood drive

A special thank you to Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, Miller-Keystone Blood Center, and dozens of generous individual donors for making this year’s annual Chestnut Hill Community Association blood drive a success!

On Saturday we were host to 80 prospective donors throughout the morning and collected 66 units of blood. This blood will be used by Chestnut Hill Hospital and other area hospitals.

Thanks to Bredenbecks Bakery, Baker Street Bread Co., Primo Hoagies, Shundeez and Philadelphia Soft Pretzel company for their support and generous donations of food and marketing to the event.

Thank you to Laurene Topping, Katy Friedland, Michelle Lordi, Jane Bales, Julie Byrne and Marilyn Paucker for their tireless work at the recovery canteen. Thanks also to Jean Wedgewood, Bob Rossman, Walter Sullivan and all those who helped with phone calls. A special thanks to Noreen Spota and Celeste Hardester at the CHCA office.

I am so grateful to all those who donated their time, support and blood on Saturday. It means so very much to me. See you next year!

Liz Bales

CHCA Blood Drive Chair


Will miss Dave Scheiber and Jonathan Best

The Farmer’s Market won’t be as much fun for me without Jonathan Best’s Dave Schieber to chat with. I’ve known Dave since our kids were in kindergarten at the Elwood School in East Oak Lane, where we first began to rage against the system fighting for our kids to get a good education.

Following those years of elementary school and Olney Teen and Midget League sports, when I ran into Dave at the market, we’d find a corner where we’d set about solving other problems of the world, catching up with our now grown kids and laughing a lot.

I loved those conversations with Dave and though I know I might have those same chats at his Reading Terminal location they won’t be as frequent or counted upon.

Dave was at the forefront of bringing unique and hard-to-get healthy and ethnic products for adventurous cooks and eaters. Now the Hill has lots of such items but it won’t be the same shopping experience without Dave, not to mention his vidalia onion dip.

Marie Lachat

Chestnut Hill


Hear, hear, for the deer

Kudos to David Cantor’s Commentary “Philadelphia’s deer kill is bad for deer and humans alike,” related to the 15th year of the Philadelphia deer kill.

It is beyond the reasonable time for humans to accept the facts that deer do not cause Lyme Disease, and that the more deer you kill the more reproduction increases the next season for the deer. There is nothing that justifies killing an animal species, including human safety or prettier gardens or making driving an automobile safer.

Philadelphia Advocates for the Deer(PAD) believes that as conscious beings the deer have the right to live freely on their own terms in the Park. Although PAD is opposed to killing the deer, we do not believe that the appropriate response is to do nothing. Fostering coexistence with free-living animals requires that we be proactive.

In the case of the deer, it means that we address the reasons for a perceived need to persecute them , and we offer nonviolent solutions. PAD can give neighbors specific information on how to grow beautiful gardens that are deer resistant, and data on how using the Strieter-lite system which uses reflectors to create a strobe-like effect that deters deer and over animals from crossing a road until an automobile passes.

Also there are effective ways to prevent humans from getting Lyme Disease that campers and hikers have used for generations such as protective clothing and tick repellents.

Deer and humans can live together without an annual slaughter each year in the Wissahickon Valley. Seeing wildlife in the park and especially the deer is a reminder of how lucky we are to have them living in our community.

Mary Ann Baron

Chestnut Hill


‘I saw it in the Local’

Thank you so much for assigning a freelancer to write the great article about Rabbi Schneider (“Pioneer female rabbi novelist coming to Chestnut Hill Hotel,” Feb. 21). We’re half way through CHCE’s first year of author events, and your coverage is the primary driving source of attendance. We know because we’ve surveyed audiences, and the majority say “I saw it in the Local!”

Thank you again and hope to see you at future author events.

Stacia Friedman,

Assistant Director

Chestnut Hill Center for Enrichment