‘A struggle for the ages’

Thank you for publishing David Cantor’s commentary, “Philadelphia’s Deer Kill Is Bad for Deer and Humans Alike,” in the Feb. 14 issue of the Local.

Sadly, our society remains in a seemingly self-serving albeit delusional, omnipotent stance towards all those with whom we share life, as the hubris of hegemonic “management” can only be destructive.

Hope springs eternal, however, with endeavors such as the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund’s sewage-sludge draft ordinance, which recognizes natural ecosystems as legal persons in Tamaqua, a coal-mining town in eastern Pennsylvania as well as the CELDF’s work with Equador’s constitution, which gives rights to nature. (http://www.celdf.org/article.php?id=185)

With broken but dedicated hearts, we the people struggle for the rights of all animals, each of whom is an individual, a person with dignity, uniqueness, inherent worth and incalculable value. The way forward is incremental not unlike various human rights movements. Repair of our traumatized inhabitants, human and otherwise, is the mandate. This is a struggle for the ages. Thank you.

Risa M. Mandell, LCSW

Mt. Airy


Help Jenks with nutrition program

With a month to go, J.S. Jenks Elemantary School still needs your Recyclebank points to make our new student garden and nutrition program a reality. We are getting close to the halfway point of the project cost of $1300, and if we can reach that, a sponsor of Recyclebank will give us $500, which will bring us close to covering the entire project.

We have an ambitious program to help students learn more about good nutrition, and they will be also able to enjoy the vegetables raised in the garden.

To donate your points, visit http://www.recyclebank.com/contest/index/school/id/60/ and log in to donate for Jenks. If you do not have a Recyclebank account, there is a link on the same page to help you register, and then you can donate points accumulated up to March 15.

Thank you so much!

Adam Eyring, Jenks parent

Chestnut Hill


Thanks from Meals on Wheels

On behalf of Chestnut Hill Meals on Wheels (CHMOW) and our clients, we would like to thank area residents who helped us raise $16,997 during our recent annual appeal.

Your generosity and kindness enables CHMOW to carry out its mission of making sure none of our neighbors go to bed hungry.

We are now looking forward to our annual casual and fun Tailgate Fundraiser scheduled for Thursday, April 25th, when we hope to rally additional financial support that will help us continue our fight against hunger.

CHMOW delivers two fresh meals a day, five days, a week, 52 weeks a year to any resident of Chestnut Hill, Mt Airy, Wyndmoor, Flourtown, Oreland, Erdenheim and parts of Germantown, regardless of age, whose access to food sources is either temporarily or permanently limited due to age, illness or disability.

Approximately 205 CHMOW volunteers and donors delivered nutritious meals and provided at least one daily and caring connection to the outside world to an average of 40 clients a week and a total of 94 clients throughout 2012.

While the annual appeal’s donations account for approximately 13 percent of its yearly income, CHMOW counts on an annual Tailgate Party fundraiser to raise 25 percent or more of its total operational income. We’ve assembled a great planning committee that’s really engaged and looking forward to making this a spirited evening of food, music and games in support of the CHMOW team and its clients.

To find out more, go to www.chestnuthillmow.com or visit us on Facebook. To join our team by becoming an event volunteer or sponsor, send an email to silentauction@chestnuthillmow.com.

We appreciate any and all donations and welcome your participation to make this event even more successful than our annual appeal.

Nancy Ryan and Kathleen Novasack

CHMOW Tailgate

Fundraiser Co-Chairs