The intersection of Rex and Germantown avenues where Rose Lloyd said she was struck by a car.

by Pete Mazzaccaro

Rose Lloyd,a 59-year-old food service worker at Chestnut Hill Hospital said she was struck by a vehicle while crossing Rex Avenue on her way to work. She’d like the woman who struck her to know she was injured.

Lloyd, who lives in West Phildelphia, was walking to the hospital from Chestnut Hill West station and was crossing Rex Avenue, in the crosswalk, when a woman in a black car driving towards Germantown Avenue hit her and knocked her down.

“The woman got out of the car and asked if I was alright,” Lloyd said. “I said I was, but I was in shock about what had happened.”

Lloyd could only recall that the woman was older, white and drove a black car. She reported the incident later to the police, but knows no other details

Lloyd said a co-worker who was heading to the hospital in a van, stopped and helped her into his van and brought her to work.

Lloyd said, however, that when she got to work, she noticed she was having a hard time standing.

“They took me to the emergency room and found I had a broken leg,” she said.

She said she’ll be out of work between 6 and 8 weeks.

Lloyd said she is not interested in getting anything from the woman.

“I’m not trying to get her in trouble,” Lloyd said. “It wasn’t a hit and run. She got out of her car and seemed very genuinely sorry and wanted to know if I was alright. But I think I’d like her to know that I was hurt. That’s all.”

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