Green in Chestnut Hill (GRinCH) introduces the Green Warrior Student Grants – a program to support and encourage students and student groups to develop ideas that will contribute to a greener, cleaner Chestnut Hill.

In addition to greening Chestnut Hill, the grant aims to promote leadership in environmental stewardship among youth. The process starts with small successes, thus no project is too small. GRinCH, of course, encourages students to think big and the most impactful projects involve collaboration and creativity.

Guidelines & Suggestions

Green Warrior Student Grant projects can be a one-time activity, such as a clean-up day, or a short- or longer-term project that spans a semester or full school year. Grant awards will be made up to $500 per project. There is no minimum grant amount.

Teachers and parents are encouraged to help students develop their projects and their grant applications, but students should be the primary point of contact for grant activities. Projects do not have to be school-based.

While community greening activities often represent volunteerism at its best, some things cost money. Here are some ideas about how the Green Warrior Student Grant funds could be used:

  • Logistics for organizing a clean-up event at a park or the Wissahickon Valley
  • Seeds, plants or other supplies for a school or community garden
  • Recycling bins for schools
  • Signs and advertising for a used goods swap (“free-cycling”)
  • Prizes for an environmental art contest
  • Rental space and promotional materials for an exhibit of recycled art
  • Materials and promotion for a “green” festival, school assembly, or other event
  • Hosting a speaker to address a school or club about an environmental topic
  • Materials for a science project that teaches an important environmental lesson
  • Books and materials to learn/teach about composting
  • Printing costs for a Green Warrior comic book

Who Can Apply?

  • Students up to Grade 12 attending Chestnut Hill schools
  • Chestnut Hill school or after-school clubs
  • School-aged residents of Chestnut Hill

Applications for the first round of grants are due by Friday, March 1, 2013. For an application, guidelines and/or more information, please Email GRinCH

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