Ethan’s drawing was one of 12 winners published in the 2013 “When I grow up” calendar contest. Calendars cost $15 and benefit the Progeria Foundation.

In May, the Local did a story on two Erdenheim boys: Nathan and Bennett Falcone, who have a very rare severe form of progeria. Nathan and Bennett are the only two children in the United States with this rare form of progeria. The Falcones sponsored a kids calendar contest.┬áThe winners of the “2013 When I grow up” calendar contest are Holly, Ethan, Brianna, Dawna, Sophia, Caroline, Sydney, Sarah, A.J., Aminah, Erik and Libby.

All proceeds from the sale of the $15 calendar go directly to the Progeria Foundation to fund ongoing research. For more information go to If you are interested in buying a calendar you can also email