by Len Lear

A City of Philadelphia van is parked illegally in Chestnut Hill on Friday, Nov. 2. (Photo by Sue Ann Rybak)

The Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA continues to operate by a double standard in Chestnut Hill. Apparently PPA reps are taught to write (tickets) but not to read (no-parking signs). They bring their vans to Chestnut Hill, park illegally or park at meters without putting any money in the meters (this is not the first time we have put photographic evidence of their arrogance in the Local). Then they get out of their vans and ticket cars all up and down Germantown Avenue for doing the exact same thing they do with impunity. Many businesses on the Avenue will tell you that they have lost customers who have been ticketed while shopping here, never to be seen again since they can shop at malls without being ticketed. This PPA van was photographed Friday, Nov. 2, in mid-afternoon, parked in a “Bus Only” zone on the 8700 block of Germantown Avenue, directly across from the Friends of the Fountain Plaza. Of course, there might be a totally justifiable explanation for this arrogant, lawless behavior by PPA. It is possible that the PPA van was washed up on Germantown Avenue by Hurricane Sandy, or maybe the driver was blinded by the sandstorm on the beaches of Chestnut Hill, and he could not see any of the kiosk signs. The question is: since this PPA van in a “Bus Only” zone is an accident waiting to happen, can we call police and ask them to tow this hazardous vehicle away?

  • HaHaHaHa

    Remind me exactly why Chestnut Hill (and the Parking Foundation) thought that the PPA would treat them differently than any other part of the city? I must have missed the sound reasoning that went into that thought process.

  • Poor job

    Because the van says “City of Philadelphia” does not make it a PPA van. And also why would the PPA pay a meter only to collect the money themselves anyway? Someone needs to look up the law that covers municipal vehicles to park legally at meters without paying or over the posted time limit without being fined. I do agree that city vehicles, including PPA, should be fined for the above picture, but in a legal parking space? Poor, poor reporting. Sounds like somebody just feels above the law because they live in chestnut hill.

  • Research

    This van clearly belongs to the “City of Philadelphia” not the PPA. Making this entire article irrelevant. My guess is it belongs to the “Free Library of Philadelphia” which is located directly on the other side of the street, you could have looked that up by the property number on the bottom of the van there, PPA vehicles don’t have property numbers.Perhaps they were delivering books that they provide for FREE to citizens.

  • Pete Mazzaccaro

    The van was marked Philadelphia Parking Authority on both its left and right sides.