Springside senior Libbie Maine receives the 2011-2012 Girls’ Inter-Ac Athletic Directors’ Award at a banquet at the Baldwin School

SCH Academy senior Libbie Maine has received the Girls’ Inter-Ac Athletic Directors’ Award for 2011-2012. This award is given to one outstanding female multi-sport student-athlete from each Inter-Ac school. The winners are outstanding multi-sport athletes that represent themselves, their team, their school, and the league with honor by exhibiting outstanding sportsmanship, leadership, and coachability.

“I am extremely honored to have received the Inter-Ac Athletic Directors’ Award and am proud to represent my fellow students and teammates,” said Maine, a Wyndmoor resident. “I feel very grateful to go to Springside because of the support my coaches, teachers, and the whole community have given me as a multi-sport athlete and student. This support has not only made my experience rewarding but also extremely fun!”

For four years, Maine has played varsity field hockey, squash, and lacrosse. She has been selected All-Inter-Ac in field hockey in 11th and 12th grade, squash in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade, and lacrosse in 10th and 11th, with this season yet to be determined.

Maine was honored at the Girls’ Inter-Ac AD Banquet on Wednesday, May 2nd at the Baldwin School.

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