by Pete Mazzaccaro

The deadline to submit nominations to the CHCA to run for the organization’s board was Friday, March 16. Eight people turned in nominating petitions for eight seats, meaning each candidates will automatically get a seat on the board. There will be no election.

Incumbents Stephanie Chomentowski, Christopher Padova, Walt Sullivan and Brien Tilley are joined by former board member, Tom Cullen, current treasurer (but not an elected member of the board) Tony Reilly, and newcomers Michelle Lordi and Laura Lucas.

Seven people are rotating off of the board because their terms end and they did not seek reelection. Those individuals are Lou Aiello, Tom Hemphill, Vanessa Mullen, Jay Valinis, Fran O’Donnell and Art and Lisa Webb Howe.

This year’s board has 31 members. That number is shrinking by four members to a full board of 28 in keeping with a bylaw proposal to shrink the overall size of the board that was passed several years ago. This year’s reduction is the last time the board will shrink.

Elections for the board typically take place during the annual meeting, which this year will take place on Thursday, April 19. While there will be no election for board members, there will be a ballot for a number of bylaws proposals. That ballot will be printed in the Local for several weeks starting next week.

The new board members will begin three year terms at the first meeting of the year on Thursday, May 24. Officers will be elected at that meeting by the board.

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