Dr. Robin Gallagher shows off photos and a model of the new location to which he will move his dental practice in August.

by Pete Mazzaccaro

For Dr. Robin Gallagher, his office is more than just an office. It’s actually his family home. His father, Dr. Robert Gallagher, moved his family to the large, green stone house at 2 E. Chestnut Hill Ave. and opened a small practice in his home when Robin was only 10.

Robin joined his father at the practice in 1980 and has known no other professional home since then.

But last year, after the death of his father, Robin’s stepmother Lynn Gallagher inherited the property and decided to sell it. She didn’t accept Robin’s offer so, so he began “plan B.”

Plan B is a move to a brand-new structure being built at 825 Bethlehem Pike in Whitemarsh. It’s on the site of the former Magarity Chevrolet dealership, which is now a Planet Fitness center. The approval process in Whitemarsh lasted for eight months, Gallagher said. He was able to sign a lease to begin construction last week.

Though he’s moving, Gallagher said he thinks the move will be an advantage for his practice and his patients.

“I had a list of pros and cons, and the list of pros for moving quadrupled the cons,” he said in an interview at his office Monday morning. “Everybody’s excited about the move, from family to patients. The move will allow us to modernize and provide much better service and care for our patients.”

Gallagher said that after 30 years of maintaining the old home in which his practice is located, having a newly constructed office would have a lot of benefits. He can wire everything for the IT advances he needs. And because he maintains a lab – nothing is outsourced – the IT infrastructure is really important.

“The move will really help up us keep up with the 21st century,” Gallagher said.

Asked if he thought the move might put out his long-time patients, he said he hasn’t heard a single complaint from patients about the move.

“It’s 1.2 miles from here,” he said. “And parking will be a lot easier.”

Gallagher said that construction is beginning and that he expects to open up at the new location in late August.


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