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This week we reported on the lease of the former Borders Books property by early learning company, Children of America.

So far, we haven’t heard a lot from residents or readers about the new use of the property. What was once a definite retail anchor for the neighborhood has been empty for almost two years now.

What do you think? Will Children of America be a good fit for Chestnut Hill? Will it help businesses on the Avenue?

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  • M.

    I vote no. I don’t see this increasing the business in chestnut hill. The Children’s Place is a prime example that retail will not benefit. Also the boutiques do not cater to children. There a plenty of daycares in the area. How about a movie theater like the Ambler Theater? That would bring people to Chestnut Hill who have the mindset and resources to shop in our community.

    • AMC

      I think a theater or something otherwise cultural is a great idea. I too feel that a daycare would not provide any significant boost to the local economy.

      • Wissy

        A daycare is a terrible use. Almost anything retail (even the dredded chain) is better for the Avenue.