A fan of Fresh Market

Hats off to Bowman Properties for bringing Fresh Market to Chestnut Hill.  When our family    gets away to warmer Southern spots during the winter months, Fresh Market is our favorite local food store.

It is far superior to the grocery store chains and has the look and feel of a first-class family-owned market with an emphasis on high quality, great presentation and friendly service.  The prepared foods are exceptional for those who like to grab something quick and take it home.  As the previous Local article said, “it’s like the offspring of DiBruno Brothers and Whole Foods.”

Congratulations to Richard Snowden for having the vision to turn the old Magarity property into an interesting mix of retail and residential space which will definitely contribute greatly to the vitality of Chestnut Hill.

Tim Greenwood
Wyndmoor, Pa.

A good Annual Meeting

And what a swell party it was. The annual meeting was a great success and, as with most of the activities of the community association, much praise needs to go to volunteers:

Jane Piotrowski, VP Social Division — decorations and desserts. Awards Committee: Patricia Cove (Chair), Sister Carol Jean Vale, Jane Piotrowski, Ann Spaeth, and Paula Riley. Teens Inc: Marianne Dwyer (Director) with volunteers Claudette Artes, Marguerite Artes, Brendan Dwyer, Michael Dwyer, Desiree Francis, Jyel Thompson, and Carine Wellington. Registration Table: Joan Forjohn, Jo-Ann Mangano, Cheryl Massaro, and Linda McNally
in addition to labor there were donated materials from Tavern on the Hill and Brewer’s Outlet — soft drinks and ice. Julie Byrne, Janice Manzi, Marissa Morris, Noreen Spota and Jean Wedgwood.

Last but not least, thanks to those who stayed after the event to help clean up – Lisa and Art Howe, Janice Manzi and Jonna Naylor.

Although they obviously got paid, we should also thank Top of the Hill Tavern for the delicious food, and the Presbyterian Church for the meeting space.

Finally, we should thank Jane Golden for being the keynote speaker. She was fantastic.

Bob Rossman
V.P. for Operations
Chestnut Hill
Community Association

Weird Waste Day a huge success

On Saturday, April 16, more than 130 households and businesses braved pouring rain and cold winds to recycle their electronic “weird waste” at the parking lot behind the Chestnut Hill branch of Valley Green Bank.

We collected 10,287 pounds of computers, TVs, peripherals, and other electronic waste plus eight air conditioners. All of this e-waste will be responsibly recycled; none of it will end up in a landfill.

We would like to thank the following people who helped to make this GRinCH event such an amazing success: Will Ross and Dan and Brooke Delaney, volunteers from Cresheim Valley Church who helped people unload their cars; Weavers Way Coop, for donating its canopy; the Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation, for donating use of the parking lot; eForce Compliance (eforcecompliance.com), for its recycling services; and, especially, all of the community members and businesses who came to recycle their electronic waste.

Thank you
Amy Edelman, Lee Meinicke, Alix Rabin, Linda Rauscher, and Noreen Spota
Green in Chestnut Hill (GRinCH) Board Members

Very funny article about sad situation

I can’t say I always think he is that funny, but Jim Harris’ article this week [“Brilliant solutions for Philly’s school violence crisis”] was a hoot. I laughed so hard that my husband came into the room and asked what was going on since the TV set was not on, and he rarely hears me laugh like that. Taking such a sad, serious situation and turning it into such humor is a rare gift. And the pictures are very funny also. Thank you for that.

Doris DiLullo

You’re not famous until you’re seen in the Local

Bob Peck was very pleased with the article [“Passion for natural world came from Hill childhood,” April 14] and said it was mostly spot-on accurate. There are a couple inaccuracies in the part about the Audubon bird on the currency, but nothing major. He said the issue is very complicated and also very hard to explain in a short amount of time. So he has no complaints on the way it turned out. And we are both very happy to have a story about the Academy of Natural Sciences in your paper.

He also said way more people have told him they saw the Chestnut Hill Local story than ever mentioned seeing the Inquirer’s front-page story on him last summer. Pretty funny! I told him everybody reads their neighborhood newspaper but not necessarily the bigger papers.

Carolyn Belardo
Senior Communications Manager
The Academy of Natural Sciences