by Tom Utescher

At the finish line, the 1600 meter run in last Thursday’s dual meet looked more like a sprint, as Penn Charter freshman Tre Williams (right) held off Cameron MacTavish of Germantown Friends. (Photo by Tom Utescher)

On the track, host Penn Charter and visiting Germantown Friends had a number of well-fought duels, but Charter’s strong showing in the field events allowed the Quakers to win last Thursday’s non-league meet by a comfortable margin, 76-46.

One-two-three finishes for the host team were spearheaded by senior DeShawn Hollis-Baker in both the high jump and triple jump, by junior Tyler Mercer in the shot put, and by sophomore Terrence Collins in the long jump. The visiting Tigers took the top two places in the pole vault, but for the field events as a whole, they were outscored 37-8.

“We lost to GFS last year,” pointed out Quakers coach Steve Bonnie, “and this year we’re a little bit stronger and we ran a little bit harder.”

He noted, “I’m pleased by the development of DeShawn, who won those two jumps and also won both of the hurdling events [110 and 300 meters], even though he just started learning the hurdles. I was happy to see our young sprinters coming around, like Daryl Worley and James Biggs-Frazier.”

Worley, a sophomore, won both the 200 and 400 meter dash, while Biggs-Frazier, a freshman, placed second in the 100 meters and third in the 200. Another Charter ninth-grader who impressed Bonnie was Tre Williams, who won a finishing sprint in the 1600 and was third in the 800.

“GFS is a good team and they have very good distance guys, so overall I was happy with our performance today,” Bonnie stated. “We have a lot of young guys, and as the season goes on I think they can really do a great job for us.”

Germantown Friends had some experience in its favor in the sprints, with senior Ibrahim Kamara winning the 100 and securing second in the 200.

“Ibrahim had a good day for us,” remarked GFS mentor Tom Myran, “and I was also glad that we had a lot of competitive distance races. A number of those races were close the whole way, so the kids could really see how strategy affects things – when to be patient and when to go.

“I was happy with the way Christian Brady ran and competed in the 800,” Myran went on, “and the same with Cameron MacTavish in the 1600. Our 3200 guys, Peter Lee and Lyle Wistar, also ran a good race.”

Lee and Wistar, a junior and a sophomore respectively, stayed in step through most of the two-mile event to captured first and second place. Brady, another junior, won the 800, and MacTavish, a senior, was runner-up in the 1600 by less than half-a-second.

Germantown’s best showing in the field events was a one-two performance in the pole vault, courtesy of juniors Derek Kern and Nick Miller.

“Field events are not necessarily our strength yet,” commented Myran, “but we had Derek do 9’6” in the pole vault, which is what he did at the end of last season. A lot of the kids remembered their best results from a year ago, and I think they came out trying to match or exceed them.”

At the end of the afternoon, the Tigers won the mile relay with an all-senior quartet made up of David Waterman, Evan Caldwell, Caleb Rau, and Charlie McClelland. As part of a second GFS foursome in the same race, Kamara turned in a 51-second split.

“We were still sort of looking for the fourth leg in our four-by-400,” Myran said, “and with Ibrahim’s split today I think we found it.”


Individual Results

100 Meters

1. GFS Ibraheim Kamara 11.2

2. PC James Biggs-Frazier 11.5

3. PC Shaquan Lewis 11.7


200 Meters – timing error


400 Meters

1. PC Daryl Worley 52.7

2. GFS Charlie McClelland 52.9

3. PC Kolonji Smith 54.4


800 Meters

1. GFS Christian Brady 2:07.6

2. PC David Zager 2:08.9

3. PC Tre Williams 2:09.9


1600 Meters

1. PC Tre Williams 4:43.0

2. GFS Cameron MacTavish 4:43.4

3. GFS Henry Blood 4:44.3


3200 Meters

1. GFS Peter Lee 10:50.6

2. GFS Lyle Wistar 10:50.9

3. PC Jorin Schug 10:51.2


110 High Hurdles

1. PC DeShawn Hollis-Baker 16.4

2. PC Austin Williams 16.6

3. GFS Zhewen Zhang 18.1


300 Intermediate Hurdles

1. PC DeShawn Hollis-Baker 43.3

2. GFS Zhewen Zhang 44.1

3. PC Austin Williams 45.7


High Jump

1. PC DeShawn Hollis-Baker 5’10”

2. PC Austin Williams 5’10”

3. PC Abdul Muhammad 5’8”


Long Jump

1. PC Terrence Collins 18’5.25”

2. PC Steve Miller 18’4.5”

3. PC Vineet Krishnan 18’3.5”


Pole Vault

1. GFS Derek Kern 9’6”

2. GFS Nick Miller 8’6”

3. PC Gibson Roberts 8’6”


Shot Put

1. PC Tyler Mercer 44’9”

2. PC Jake Richards 41’7.5”

3. PC Henry Morgan 37’4.5”


Triple Jump

1. PC DeShawn Hollis-Baker 41’1.75”

2. PC Vineet Krishnan 37’7.5”

3. PC Abdul Muhammad 37’2.75”

At the finish line, the 1600 meter run in last Thursday’s dual meet looked more like a sprint, as Penn Charter freshman Tre Williams (right) held off Cameron MacTavish of Germantown Friends.  (Photo by Tom Utescher)
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