Howdy, neighbor!

Wondering how you can get more out of The Local online? We’ve got several ways you can get more from us. All you need is a Facebook account.

We’ve recently added a feature to our website that allows readers to comment on stories using their Facebook accounts. If you’re logged into Facebook already, you’ll see your profile photo come up at the end of a story with a prompt to leave a comment. If not, you can log in directly from our site and let other readers know what you think. We will even do our best to respond to questions and comments as we can.

The same comments feature also allows you to share stories you like with friends. Perhaps you like it; perhaps you don’t. Maybe the story is about you. Or maybe you want others to see your comment. For any story you want your friends to see, click “like this” and the link will be posted to your news feed.

Finally, if you visit our Facebook page, you can click the thumbs-up “like” button and links of all of our updates will appear right on your Facebook page’s news feed. Not only that, but fans of our Facebook site can discuss and share stories directly from that page. We will post discussion questions and polls there as well.

So, if you haven’t done so, take the time to be our friend. It’ll give you one more way to connect with us and be a part of the conversation. We want your input.

Pete Mazzaccaro