Carl Dean

by Pete Mazzaccaro

Carl Dean, who last month opened the new Chestnut Hill Pharmacy, was arrested today in Montgomery County for allegedly bilking an insurance company out of more than $86,000 in fake prescriptions reimbursements. The charges stem from a pharmacy Dean owned in Blue Bell, not in Chestnut Hill.

According to a release from the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office, Dean collected reimbursements for 874 fraudulent prescriptions totaling $86,070.88, all of which were billed to Independence Blue Cross between 2007 and 2010.

Dean allegedly filled out the prescriptions in his name and the names of his wife and children in order to collect the money, which went into the pharmacy business. Investigators tracked down the payments by interviewing 13 doctors whose names were used in the fake prescription orders.

Dean, who lives in Erdenheim, turned himself in today and was released on $5,000 bail.

Dean was profiled by the Local last month when the Pharmacy opened.

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  • Emily

    I agree with Sue Ellen. This paper was so quick to print the story of one of its own, native residents without adequate research and information on the subject — the very job of a journalist. The reputation of a very good man and a budding independent business are at stake here. Is this not counter to the moral thread of Chestnut Hill — supporting its residents and small businesses? I am disappointed. I stand in support of Mr. Dean and of Chestnut Hill Pharmacy.

    • Wissahickon

      The paper cited a release from the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office. What more do you want from the author?

      This is pretty big news for CH and thus should be reported.

  • pete

    Expect an update of this story before the end of business today. I spoke this morning with Mr. Dean’s Attorney and I’m waiting for some clarification from the Montco DA’s office.

  • pete

    The update to this story has just been posted.

    NOTE: I removed four comments, by “Sue Ellen,” “Rich,” “Daniel,” and “Joshua” because all four came from the same IP address.

  • Ecinch2003

    Come on people.. Human make mistakes….

  • Ecinch2003

    I support this wonderful pharmacy and staff