The gingerbread version of the Woodmere. (Photo by Pete Mazzaccaro)

Last week, a group of Abington Friends School students — Julie Moskowitz, Monica Guest and Rachel Chmelko — unveiled what might be the best tasting piece of artwork that has ever been placed in the gallery space of Chestnut Hill’s Woodmere Art Museum.

The artwork, a gingerbread replica of the museum, detailed with gumballs, cinnamon bark, gumdrops and frosting, is currently on display at the museum and will stay on display for as long as the gingerbread holds up. The students built the museum under the instruction of art teacher Marlene Gawarkiewicz.

“It’s really thrilling,” said the museum’s director, William Valerio, last Friday. “They had to look at the building, figure out the proportions and recreate the architecture all the way up to the Victorian tower.”

The building is not a perfect scale replica, but it is a pretty good resemblance of the original. The students even placed tiny candy paintings on the walls. The students used soup cans to bake the curved parts of the museum’s exterior walls.

“They really brought the building to life,” Valerio said.

Visitors to the museum can find the gingerbread house on a table just a few yards away from Frederic Church’s “Sunset in the Berkshire Hills,” a prize piece in the museum’s permanent collection.

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— Pete Mazzaccaro

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