Dogs should stay leashed in park

I am a frequent Wissahickon park user writing to express concern over the “Chestnut Hill Dog Whisperer” article published in the Nov. 27 issue. This article appears to condone off-leash dog-walking, an illegal activity which I feel is a safety concern.

I live in a park-bordering property and keep chickens (legally according to city ordinance § 10-112). A few weeks ago, a park visitor’s loose dog came onto my property and killed one of the chickens, and was then discovered the next morning rummaging through my compost pile.

I walk my dogs on-leash in the park on a daily basis. I often contend with fights that are provoked by off-leash dogs not under reliable voice control.

As an equestrian user of the park, I am often put in danger by off-leash dogs. Horses can grow accustomed to a variety of sights and sounds (dump trucks, mountain bikes, weddings at Valley Green Inn). However, they cannot tolerate a predator charging while barking, running around/underneath them, or attempting to bite them – all things I have experienced.

Horses can bolt, rear or buck to defend themselves, which can easily lead to a fall and injury to a rider. In fact, another equestrian wrote a letter to this publication in December reporting a fall and concussion caused by a horse being attacked by two off-leash dogs.

I appeal to the Chestnut Hill Local and the park user community to contribute to the safety and enjoyment of the Wissahickon Creek area for all by promoting on-leash dog walking.

Jocelyn J. Tunney

Mt. Airy

CHCA Blood Drive a big success

The spirit of love and generosity was overflowing at the SCH Fieldhouse on this cold and snowy Valentine’s Saturday. The CHCA teamed up with the energetic students of the SCH Service Council to bring you the 2015 CHCA Blood Drive.

67 generous souls braved the snow and ice to come out and donate blood. The donors were treated to a cornucopia of treats offered up by Chestnut Hill’s finest shops.

A special thank you to Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, Miller-Keystone Blood Center, Bredenbeck’s Bakery, Baker Street Bread Co., Night Kitchen Bakery, Primo Hoagies, Cosimo’s Pizza Cafe, Starbucks, Evergreen Cheese, The Cheese Trap, and Taste of Philly Soft Pretzels for their support and generous donations of food and marketing to the event.

Thank you to Will Detweiler, Tony Reilly, Marilyn Paucker, Julie Byrne, Noreen Spota, Celeste Hardester, and Sue Ann Rybak of the Local for their support.

I am so grateful to all those who donated their time, support, and blood on Saturday. It means so very much to me. See you next year!

Liz Bales

CHCA Blood Drive Chair

Camera Shop is a service gem

As shopping gets more and more impersonal with only the barest minimums for customer service, Frank Garber, of the Chestnut Hill Camera Shop, is a real standout. The flash on my digital camera had stopped working. I called up my repair guys (which Frank had told me about) and since it was a Kodak camera, they could not help me because they could not get parts. So then I went out to Best Buy to see about getting a new camera. I took my old camera with me and the manual.

The sales clerk tried to be helpful, and looked at my camera, but did not seem to know very much about digital cameras. Frustrated I left without buying anything. I remember how nice Frank was when I went in there a few years ago so I decided to drop by and see if he could help me.

We started chatting about the best camera for me. It was obvious he knew a lot about digital cameras. He asked to look at my camera, changed a few settings and presto, the flash started working again! I was amazed. I told him to charge my Visa for the appropriate repair charge, but he would not hear of it.

So then I told him I would walk up to the Chestnut Hill Local and tell them about what had happened. He was pleased, but probably thought I would never follow through.

There I met Sue Ann Rybak who told me I should write a letter to the editor, so here I am. So if you are in the market for a camera, go see Frank Garber at the Chestnut Hill Camera Shop for great service, in-depth camera knowledge, the latest models and competitive prices. He’s been there since 1974 at 8614 Germantown Ave. dispensing great cameras and great service.

Carroll Walker Jr.

Mt. Airy

Merchants who care

All of us have witnessed the closing of businesses along Germantown Avenue. Particularly in Chestnut Hill, with rising rents and the increase in Internet purchasing, the small, family-owned shops are faced with progressively decreasing profits.

I have been a patron of the Chestnut Hill Camera Shop for over thirty years. During that time, my largest purchase was a camera for my daughter’s graduation from middle school. Most of the time, I have come into the shop with labor intensive, low cost projects such as reproducing old family photographs for my niece’s wedding present.

On that occasion, Frank, the owner, worked until the middle of the night not just to copy the photos, but to use his expertise and reproduce each copy with as much precision as possible. Recently, I commented my tendency to bring in projects that were labor intensive and low cost. The response was that every customer, every transaction was important.

If we are coming in to Chestnut Hill Camera for advise on a purchase, it is for our benefit that we give our business to the shop as well. Our merchandise will be serviced, our later problems addressed, and that original $20.00 or $30.00 that we spent over the cost of an internet or large chain purchase, will help keep our local stores viable.

Nothing can be substituted for retailers who are responsible, caring, honestly interested in your needs, and in summary, a true mensch.

Janet I. Elfant

Mt. Airy