Woodmere exhibit a family-friendly collection of animals 


Artists have been inspired by the beauty of animals since the beginning of recorded history. Woodmere Art Museum’s current exhibition, “Don’t Feed the Art: Woodmere’s Animal Menagerie,” explores the many ways in which artists of Philadelphia depict animals, and imagine our relationships with the creatures with whom we share the planet. 

The exhibit, which opened on Saturday, Feb. 26 and runs through May 8, brings an animal theme to its range of paintings, sculpture, prints, drawings, and photographs, with a special focus on fun for the whole family. 

Activities include a scavenger hunt, music, and a pet-friendly outdoor sculpture tour, as well as a virtual animal artmaking class on Saturdays. Each session will  introduce young ones to drawing, coloring, or collaging techniques with a spotlight on a specific artist, work of art, or animal. Parents, friends, caregivers, and pets are invited.

For older animal lovers, there will be an animal painting workshop led by Stephanie Lieberman, a class designed to help students capture the likeness and personality of their chosen animal subjects. 

Young visitors will receive a free workbook with hands-on activities to enjoy at home (while supplies last). 

The exhibition draws from Woodmere’s permanent collection, with more than 85 works of art that date from the mid-19th century up to the present. The Museum’s holdings, numerous recent acquisitions, and the multicultural range of contemporary art in Philadelphia is showcased. From a giant sperm whale to tiny kingfisher birds, from a cat with an office job to a flying cow, it’s going to be a zoo at the museum!

Visit Woodmere’s website for updates and details.