We asked for your ideas and you delivered

by Daralyse Lyons
Posted 6/18/24

When we launched our Idea Labs, earlier this month, we weren't sure how the community would react.  We should've known.

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We asked for your ideas and you delivered


When we launched our Idea Labs, earlier this month, we weren't sure how the community would react, or if people would come out and engage with us, with me.  We should've known.  These past three weeks, there has been an incredible outpouring of community-generated ideas.  Whether at Kismet, Mt. Airy Axis, or Braid Mill, community members have taken the time to stop in with article and source ideas, business updates and feedback about how the Local is doing (and how we can improve).  I believe that, because local journalism fills a unique and particular role within communities, we rely on your input and engagement to adequately serve this community (By “this,” I am referring to the distinct yet interconnected communities that comprise the Northwest).

Over the next few weeks, several of the articles you'll read will have been inspired by community members coming to our June Idea Labs, taking time out of their days to share stories, and offer feedback.  I won't tell you exactly which articles were inspired by, or in some cases contributed by, Idea Lab attendees, but I will express our gratitude for those who stopped by to see me and share.  If you have an idea for the Local, or feedback about how we can improve, or just want to stop in and introduce yourself, please come see me at one of our July Idea Labs.

On the first Wednesday, from 9-11:30, I’ll be at Kismet Cowork; on the second Wednesday, at Mt. Airy Axis, and on the third Wednesday, you’ll find me at Braid Mill.  If Wednesday mornings aren’t convenient, feel free to drop me an email and we’ll find a time to connect.  I am increasingly inspired by our readers and would love to keep engaging with you.  Thank you for your ongoing input and contributions to the Local.  My door is always open.

Daralyse Lyons,The Local’s business growth officer, can be reached at daralyse@chestnuthilllocal.com.

Daralyse Lyons, Chestnut Hill, Local, Idea Lab